Thursday, June 25, 2015

Leonardo Bridge

Leonardo Bridge is only in its baby steps, but even during this first beta there are a few innovative features:

Individual play game tables

Players may choose to play on a table where they are measured against everyone, as players rotate after each board. This game mode is unique to Leonardo Bridge and unavailable to all other established Online Bridge Games. It emulates in the closest possible way a bridge night at a friend's house. Everybody plays against everyone, and while luck is initially a factor -since whoever ends up with the best hand will likely win- this advantage will normalize in the long run.

"Leaving soon" button

Players can let other players know that they will leave after the end of a board with a mouse click, smoothing playing out for everyone involved.

"Please wait" button

Players can easily notify other players that they need more time to make a decision.

Kick voting

Table hosts can initiate a vote to kick a player from a table, ensuring that everyone is on board and avoiding uncomfortable situations.

Leonardo Bridge also offers:

A unique and innovative Master Point attribution model
Facebook friend, Country and Overall Master Point leaderboards, filtered by date
In-game public player profiles
Fixed board number or open board number tables
Fixed pair or Individual play tables
The Team

Leonardo Bridge was conceived and designed by Achilles Charmpilas and Vasiliki Nika.

Achilles has been developing computer programs for more than a decade. Vasiliki is a music composer, online marketing enterpreneur, member of the Greek Bridge Association and bridge instructor amongst other things.
Together they have developed a wide variety of products, including a popular Greek virtual sports betting platform, an innovative sports article generation engine and many others.

Development was led by Achilles, with Kostas Tsalikidis as senior developer. Additional graphics were provided by Navid Ebrahimi-Yazdi.
Leonardo Bridge is a new addition in the world of Online Bridge.
It allows users to play bridge with friends, acquaintances and find new friends to play, all leveraging the transparency and identity restrictions of Facebook.

Leonardo Bridge was designed to present the user with a clean and faithful reproduction of an actual table. The deck, bidding boxes, and won and lost trick positioning are designed so that they are immediately recognizable, allowing to player to completely focus on the game.

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